Building your Website FAQs

How do I start?
With a basic idea of who your audience(s) is, what you would like to accomplish and what type of engagement you're looking for via your website. For example, you'd like to create buzz about your business/entity; or interest visitors in your products/services and to contact you for more information; or to visit your retail outlet/distribution center; or to buy your products/services online.

How do I choose a style or 'look and feel'?
Use your brand (or business/entity) image or your product/service positioning as a starting point. Your online audience and expected call-to-action will also guide you. These elements could translate into any or a combination of these approaches: straightforward; corporate; fun; hip; conservative; traditional; colorful; elegant, etc. Picking out a website that you like is also very helpful.

What will I need?
If you have a logo, we'll use it; if you don't, we can create one for you. Provide existing content (text and digital photos), whether it’s from a brochure or point of sale or other promotional/marketing materials. We can also develop your content.

What type of content will my website have?
Most websites will include: home page featuring the overall nature of your business/entity and/or the purpose of the website, i.e., a contest; product/service page(s) describing same; clients list; team featuring yourself and team members or partners; news/blog providing relevant announcements and/or articles designed to spur engagement among your target audience; contact information. There will likely be a few additional pages/links depending on the nature of your business/entity.

What about HTML/flash and dynamic pages?
If you're asking these questions, you're obviously knowledgeable to some extent regarding websites; these are simply tools for building websites that impact the 'look & feel' and the ability to edit pages; the answer to basic questions i.e., these FAQs, will easily inform decisions related to these tools.

How difficult will the process be?
Whether you're an expert marketer or not, tech savvy or not, with your knowledge of your business/entity and our guidance, you'll find it a relatively painless process.

What about databases, search engines, online payment processing?
We can guide you related to these services and determine if your business may need any of these requirements; if so, we can develop customized programming and interface solutions.

What about search optimization and online advertising?
We'll be glad to discuss the general features, benefits, costs and challenges; if we mutually agree this is beneficial for your business/entity, we can develop an optimal search and advertising proposal.

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