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is often referred to as an insightful marketer, designer & photographer, entrepreneur, and connoisseur of great talent. Originally an art director by trade, he ventured out on his own at the tender age of 24 and has been building successful businesses ever since.

In 1982, he founded Chinnici Direct, a full-service direct marketing ad agency. For more than 25 years, that agency was a distinctive provider of creative and strategic services. His impressive client list has included AT&T, John Deere, JP Morgan Chase, Capital One, IKEA, MetLife, Wells Fargo, American Express, Fleet Bank, Charles Schwab, 800-FLOWERS, BMW, UPS, Citibank, SunCom, and Barnes & Noble. After selling his agency in 2000, he stepped down as CEO of Chinnici Direct in 2005 to build a better agency.

In 1996, Michael created ICON Digital Photography, the first digital photography studios in NYC, with his friend and photographer David DiMicco. ICON’s clients include Estee Lauder, Lacoste, Aramis, HP, Tommy Hilfiger, Delias, Coach, Clinique, BMW, Steve Madden, Redken, Origins, Michael Kors, Tupperware, XM Radio and Samsung. Michael is (revised) an accomplished photographer in his own right, and still stays very much involved in the business.

At every phase, Michael’s creative background and thirst for technology have driven his business decisions. His latest creation – Scuderia O2 – Italian for TEAM Oxygen. SO2 is out to change the face of the ad agency. Michael sees the enterprise as a HYBRID that blends the best of the creative boutiques and large brick-and-mortar agencies. The goal is nothing short of creating the most agile, creative and strategic agency anywhere. The TEAM concept lets him do one of the things he does best: bring together Best-In-Breed experienced, talented professionals from all the marketing-related disciplines to work together in client-centric teams.

The latest Internet and communications technologies allow Scuderia O2 to link these top-level pros without the need for a large physical superstructure or the bureaucracy of a large agency. Clients get the benefit of exceptional skill and productivity. The TEAM members get the independence they need to ply their trades. And Michael, once again, has the satisfaction of creating not just a new agency, but a World Class global agency, and a new model for how an agency works.

When Michael isn’t working 24/7, or out with his camera, he’s either yachting, biking, traveling, dining or detailing one of his cars. An avid follower of Formula One racing and a devoted Tifosi (fan) of his beloved Ferrari, Michael can also be seen at various Grand Prix’s throughout the summer.

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